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How to run campaign 2020

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:37
How to run campaign 2020

The Affiliate Asia team carefully analyzed the trends of 2019 and made a selection of really effective tips that will help shed more and better by 2020. There are both traditional strategies and new approaches on basic to increase conversions.

Use only one channel

Many publishers, especially beginners, are too active at the stage of testing many offers and ads. They want to include several traffic sources at the same time, which is a common mistake. This approach is time-consuming and requires a lot of money.

We recommend running a channel and then checking that channel, analyzing the results and then switching to another traffic source. Take the experience of Top publishers and try to do a little better.

Using e-mail newsletters still works

По статистике email рассылка гораздо эффективнее, Statistically, email is much more effective, than measuring with Google ads or even social networks. Western experts equate an email in the database with $ 1. That is, if you manage to collect an establishment of at least 1,000 subscribers, then the cost of such a facility will be equal to $ 1,000.

Content spread and search by voice

If you use the network as your main traffic channel, try publishing the most engaging content. Video format is still the best way to advertise.

Similarly, you must be able to tailor offers to new search technologies. In particular, voice search is becoming popular. Let your target audience find what they need faster and easier to.

Interact with other publishers

By 2020, it will be beneficial to create publisher groups. We think that such a format could become a new trend.

exchange links to build into a link volume

add resources to test efficiency

exchange of experiences and cases, etc

Conferences and meetings

Self-development — an integral part of any job. Attend a conference and meet up with publishers. The main plus here is that most organizational cases are free or in an all inclusive format.

You will have the opportunity to chat with more experienced publishers, learn about the subtleties and secrets.

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