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How to speed up WordPress

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:37
How to speed up WordPress

Hi everybody! In today's article, we will share a small case on how to speed up blogs on WordPress tools. The article will be useful for publishers, who have blogs on this tool and promoters in search engines.

Why do you need to speed up your blog

Download speed directly affects search engine rankings. That is, faster page load will get higher, and whoever ranks higher will get more traffic. You may have visited many websites and annoyed because the site loads too long. So the publisher loses the visitor and that could be the customer. In general, speed is important, and it is practical.

How to check the speed

Testing your resource download speed is very simple. To do this, simply use the Google PageSpeed tool. Just go to the website, click to check and get the results. We recommend you check in phone. This is even more important, as phones often have slow Internet. If your site scores above 90, then everything is fine, but if less then you need to work a bit.

How to speed up your blog

1. Remove unnecessary plugins. Any plugin will slow down the site, so you should install the modules that the site really needs. Search engines have sufficient information on this topic. For example, to display social networking buttons or to rate posts, unnecessary plugins, everything can be done by code.

2. Install WP Super Cache - storage plugin for WordPress. The module also speeds up the site and reduces the load for hosting. When a visitor refreshes the page, it will load not from the server, but from the cache. This way the user will get the result much faster.

3. WP-Optimize Installation - This program removes everything that the website does not need and slows down the download process. To activate the plugin, click on the "Optimize" button.

4. Optimize images. On some websites, you can find images that account for 200 kb. That is very heavy for the site.

Image optimization example:

5. Select fast hosting

A lot of things also depend on hosting, even if you follow all the steps we have described, may not work if hosting is not stable. You should spend a little more money to use good hosting. Read reviews online, check which web site has a fast website and choose the best and best quality hosting.

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