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Work with look-alike-audience on Facebook and use "donor" to create

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:36
Work with look-alike-audience on Facebook and use "donor" to create

TOP-4 «DONOR» for look-alike-audience

The effectiveness of a look-alike-audience campaign depends heavily on the audience-donor, which you choose. So if you choose the wrong team and set up to bring you a low number of conversions, then you just lose advertising money.

We offer you the following options

User has made a purchase in the last 30 days. This is your hottest target audience, so you need to find similar people. Why exactly 30 days? Because shorter time will narrow the main object too much, and the parameters will be too private.

TOP 25% of website visitors follow over time. This audience is colder, because not all visitors have purchased the product. But they researched your offer, so if you fix it, you can provoke them to buy. Watched videos 95% and over. This audience is essential for video advertising users. If the user has paid attention to your offer and doesn't close the site, you're doing pretty well. Likes, comments and other activities in your account make it easy, the audience is open to communication and interested in your proposal. Look for people who can join them. In fact, these audiences are very loyal to your proposal, so similar audiences will respond to your ad.

Instructions for installing look-alike-campaign

Let's say you've collected your donors - it's time to copy them.

To do this, you need to go to «Audience» - «Create audience» and select «Related audience». For example, create an object, which visited the site in the previous month. Select this donor as the source and geographic regulation. Select "advanced installation programs" and note the number of audience - 5-6 pieces. This will allow you to collect more and more similar users.We recommend selecting 1% - so you get an even segment. To do this, drag the object size flag at positions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.Then click «Create audience» and all 5 small groups will be loaded into your advertising account. Do the next like this with the remaining donors.

Create an ad

To create an ad group for your established audience, go to the Ads Manager, select "Create" and "convert". In the audience's name, name the group look-alike and geotag.

Important point: click «Optimize budget». This button allows you to connect to FB's СВО - cost optimization function. Using CBO technology, FB will choose which audience segment gives you the greatest profit and will transfer the largest budget amount to it.Next is to set your audience budget. It will depend on your individual plan, but we recommend sticking with the $ 100-250 range to test your campaign. Have specified all settings, click "Continue". Next, name the ad group - choose the appropriate audience, region, age and location. To complete your ad group, select Continue and Verify. To not repeat all of the above for each audience segment, select the ad group that was created and copy it for other look-alike. All you need to do is change the names of the groups and represent the audience accordingly.When the campaign is ready, click «Publish».

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