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How to contact technical support - phone number and e-mail

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:29
How to contact technical support - phone number and e-mail

Facebook has an extensive help center, describing issues when working with accounts, setting up, launching ads and more. However, emergencies also occurred, and then Facebook technical support became necessary.

We will figure out how to contact Facebook tech support and get answers to your questions.

We will tell you where to find such a block to contact ↓↓↓

How to contact with facebook

The most popular question of users: how to get in touch with facebook technology support.

The answer is one: Facebook's technical support does not have a telephone connection. The number of users is billions and it is difficult to organize an official call center for such an object!

What should I do now

The company's policy on this issue is rather tight: Facebook Technical Support only accepts calls through special contact forms, before contacting the service, you must find the desired form in the corresponding help section. Technical support does not publish any other contacts on Facebook, they do not answer questions asked on the official page.You should not waste time searching for Facebook contacts or technical support letters.

What language should I use to talk to support facebook?

Some queries may be in English only. If you know English, you should use English to talk.

Who to contact

Facebook technical support does not have a public email, however, you can submit your application through the quick help form.

Quick Help works like a special tech support chat.

How to use the quick help

Click the question mark icon in the blue circle in the upper right corner (it is on any page).

Ask a short question in the online line "How can we help you? After that, related articles from the help desk will be selected.

If the desired answer is not among the suggested options, there is a line "Report a problem". Here you can solve problems with payment, to report a broken function or offensive content online. The quick help form also contains "Inbox flow from support service", if more data is needed to resolve the issue, notifications from technical support will appear here. Facebook, as a rule, does not report on the status of the application about the decision made.

When submitting a form, the developer recommends attaching a screenshot taken at the time of the problem. So find a reason and find a solution easier and faster. It is worth noting that technical support on Facebook addresses advertising issues quite quickly, especially if they are caused by technical issues. Advertiser errors can also be fixed through official appeals, but here you need patience.

Advertising room - 3 methods

1) The first method is simpler, but the answer will have to wait a little longer

Log in to your account (Ads Manager).

In the upper right corner of the screen, click the help icon (question mark).

The menu will open: popular articles and questions. At the top there is a search line that says "Need help?".

Alternatively, by scrolling down the menu, you can press the blue button "Need help?"

The system will redirect to the help desk for Facebook Business Help advertisers.

Scroll down the page and click the "Email" line.

You will be asked to highlight the part of the question involved and then describe your problem.

Advertising support promises to solve the problem within a working day, only waiting for them.

2) The second method suits advertisers who are willing to protect their innocence

Go through all the steps of the first method until the "Send email" step.

Next to the offer to write in the message, there will be a line "Write to Chat".

The majority of Facebook support staff works in the West, so the time zone varies significantly. To chat online, you need to write to chat during business hours.

Fortunately, if the staff is not busy, you can discuss all your difficulties with him and get timely assistance.

3) The third way

Log into Ads Manager.

Click on the help icon and scroll down to the end.

Select the "Report a problem" line.

In the window, it will appear where you need to note what the call belongs to: report a problem or need help from the technical support team.

Select "Report a problem" and follow the instructions, fill in the fields: detailed description. Best if you include screenshots.

In any case, it's better to communicate with Facebook tech support in English.

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