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How to increase the trust rate of your Facebook account

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:24
How to increase the trust rate of your Facebook account

There are two types of ban

manual testing (after being censored)

Banned by Bot

90% of the bans against Facebook are done through bot interventions, with Moder rarely paying attention to breaking the usual rules.

One reason that accounts are banned is - low trust. And usually, this is due to the publisher's incorrect actions.

What can increase your account trust rate

1) Accounts with good confidence must be (more than 3 years). If you don't have such an account, look for accounts for relatives, friends and acquaintances.

2) The older the posts in the profile are, the higher the trust rate. You can find posts from 2009 and share them back to your profile. That can increase the credibility of your account.

3) Do not log into your account by proxy, vpn. Confidence rate will immediately decrease

4) The language of your account must match the language of the user and country.

5) Security and privacy. Go to Facebook and include your e-mail and SIM-card. Pass authentication completely and the trust rate will increase.

Important! It is best if your SIM card can always work in the phone, ie plug the SIM card into your old phone and receive regular notifications from Facebook.

6) Download more games and applications. Spend 15 minutes a day, on applications that need to register via Facebook.

7) Please regularly take into account. Add more friends and set likes, comments, etc.

8) Log in to your account from just one browser and try not to use more than two devices: phones and computers / laptops / tablets.

9) Please use a computer without a history prohibited by facebook.

10) Start investing in low advertising. The first few days do not use links in ads. Then you can run ads as often.

Why is the confidence rate low?

1) Connecting a new account to an account that has been banned

2) Add more friends accounts that were once banned

3) Change account privacy settings - change the password of an account.

4) Immediately transfer a large amount of money to the account.

5) Sudden increase in advertising budget.

6) Forget not clearing the cache, but all the old account information.

7) Use of documents that have appeared in prohibited accounts: payment, domain name, friends.

Start advertising campaigns from old accounts.Please develop a new personal page .. The more friends, the higher the trust.Post content regularly, make it appear and operate. There is a life hack that allows you to turn a relatively new account into an old account. To do that, share content older than 3 years. Enhanced security. Please bind personal data to the fb page - phone number, e-mail. Set two-factor authorization in the settings with SMS confirmation. Register third party resources through Facebook. Run "white" campaigns. "If you have the time and conditions, work a little bit with the" white "offer. Facebook bots calculate personal account reputation and number of successful advertising campaigns. Enter a page in the target language. If you sell in Spain, then the posts in the feed must also be in Spanish. Make sure that the GEO IP address matches the device's physical location. Sitting in Hanoi, not using IP from Saudi Arabia.

Verify your account via PayPal

These rules can help you run long-term ads. A high confidence rate will help you bypass censorship.

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