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Shopee CPS VN

affi-asia31-01-2020, 14:41
Shopee CPS VN

Affiliate program - Shopee CPS VN


Shopee is the leading C2C e-commerce website in Vietnam
From 06/01/2020. The campaign will no longer be approved automatically, publishers who register to run the campaign must meet the following conditions:
+ Having run other e-commerce campaigns and having EPC index> 0, having order-out index> 0%, having ATSP> 0
+ The rate of single approval in the last 3 months in one of e-commerce campaigns that used to run> 30%
+ The fraud rate (the rate of orders canceled with suspected fraud reasons) in one of the e-commerce campaigns that used to run <20%

Conditions accepted orders

- Only applied on Shopee's mobile and webite shopping apps on PC, orders placed via the mobile web platform will not be recognized.
- Customers purchase and complete the payment, do not return the goods (within 7 days)
- The rate of random single lost ~ 20% among mobile devices, IOS devices have higher rate of single lost

Conditions of reject orders

- Customers do not receive and pay, customers return
- Orders that have been recorded for Shopee Live campaign will not be credited for this campaign.
- Regulations on how to run ads
- Partners do not use keywords that contain: Shopee, Shoppee, Shope, Shoppe running ads including the longtail phrase named Shopee brand (eg, Shopee Shop, Online Shopping Shop ...)
- Partners do not use brand Shopee to create groups, fanpage, website ... in any form to communicate
- Partners may not build shop by themselves on Shopee
- Partners may not build shop by themselves on Shopee and buy goods by themselves to receive commissions.
- Partners must not use speculative activities to buy and sell Shopee products

From August 27, 2019 Publisher noted the following rules:

- The form of running an email marketing campaign will not be recommended. In case of running email marketing, Publisher must ensure that the brand and the word "Shopee" are not used in email addresses, URLs, or source code. , and in the header of the email to avoid misleading customers that is the mail from Shopee sent to them. Email content must also ensure that it does not contain prohibited content and affect the Shopee brand
- Publisher must not perform the act of placing orders for customers
- Publishers are not allowed to use the brand name or the word "Shopee" in email addresses, in URLs, in source code, and in email headers.

offer parametrs

category: E-Commerce type: CPS target: pay order
rate hold
7% 30

type of traffic

Context ads
Banner ads
Mobile ads
Social network
Ads networks
Teaser networks
Email newsletter
Youtube channel
Branded traffic
Motivated traffic
Broker traffic
Adult traffic
Cash back traffic
Toolbar traffic

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