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Pierre Cardin Shoes CPS VN

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Pierre Cardin Shoes CPS VN

Affiliate program - Pierre Cardin Shoes CPS VN


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam is a chain of stores and e-commerce websites established in September 2007. Exclusive in manufacturing and distributing Footwear products for Men, Women and Children, Children's Clothing and Cosmetics in Vietnam, Laos, Orange and Myanmar.

Pierre Cardin shoes are made from 100% genuine leather imported from Italy and France, processed in Vietnam or third countries, combining Mc-Kay / Good Year craft sewing technology for hundreds of years. America.

The goal is to become the leading sales channel, helping believers to own Pierre Cardin products with superior quality, diverse models, reasonable prices and excellent after-sales policy.

Conditions accepted orders


- Customer receive and pay successfully

Conditions of reject orders

- Customer did not receive the goods or payment failed

Rules on how to run ads

- Do not ban SEM

Other notes

- Only upload the content, message images provided by and vcaaps on the official website / facebook that has available. Publishers have the right to create content that is valuable for their own experience, but must not use images except those on the official website / facebook or may use external images. But be sure to follow the instructions of

- Not allowed to use the list of brand keywords (including those keywords deliberately misspelled) such as: Pierre Cardin, fake, fake goods, counterfeit goods, hand goods, gia re, low price, lowest price, counterfeit, portable, super discount, ... etc to set up websites, blogs, emails, brand influence

- Do not use fake forms of Pierre Cardin brand (create fanpage, website)

- Do not redirect the user to click the affiliate link directly (Example: comment on Fanpage, ....)

If a publisher is found to be in doubt or suspected of violating the above policy, or the publisher has fraudulently executed the promotion, the order fraud will be immediately suspended and the payment of all orders generated will be suspended. before.

offer parametrs

category: E-Commerce type: CPS target: pay order
rate hold
12.5% 30

type of traffic

Context ads
Banner ads
Mobile ads
Social network
Ads networks
Teaser networks
Email newsletter
Youtube channel
Branded traffic
Motivated traffic
Broker traffic
Adult traffic
Cash back traffic
Toolbar traffic

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