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SHB-Finance CPA VN

affi-asia30-01-2020, 16:58
SHB-Finance CPA VN

Affiliate program - SHB-Finance CPA VN


SHB-Finance is a newly established financial company backed by large capital from SHB Bank of "Bau Hien". With experience and a solid financial background inherited from SHB bank along with its reputation, Campaign SHB-Finance is a wise choice for publishers who want to boost sales in the financial sector. main.

Conditions accepted orders

The condition for recognition is CPS (Time of contract disbursement)

- Customers are eligible to borrow from SHB-Finance

- Maximum time to wait for the result of 1 conversion: 2 months from the date the conversion arises

Conditions of reject orders

- Customers do not meet the loan conditions of SHB-Finance

- Customers do not pass CIC (bad debt, debt exceeding 3 credit institutions ...)

- Customers are outside the scope of service provided by SHB-Finance

- Customer refuses to disburse, or is overdue and does not accept disbursement

Rules on how to run ads

- Strictly forbidden to impersonate SHB and SHB-Finance in any form

- Advertising images of SHB and SHB-Finance are strictly prohibited on black websites or unofficial sources

- Advertising must comply with the terms and methods of advertising in accordance with the law of Vietnam

offer parametrs

category: Finance type: CPA target: loan issued
rate hold
1.1% / loan 30

type of traffic

Context ads
Banner ads
Mobile ads
Social network
Ads networks
Teaser networks
Email newsletter
Youtube channel
Branded traffic
Motivated traffic
Broker traffic
Adult traffic
Cash back traffic
Toolbar traffic

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