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Affiliate program - F88 CPQL VN

Introduction: F88 was established in 2013 with the determination to change society's prejudice against the long-standing traditional pawn industry in Vietnam, F88 pioneered the Vietnamese market with the System model. Pawn Nationwide, providing Pawn services Trusted - Fast - Friendly.
Conditions accepted orders
Conditions for accepting orders: CPQL
An order that satisfies the following conditions:
- Orders are sourced from ACCESSTRADE
- Customers fill in the information provided on the Landing page F88, the F88 side will contact that customer and confirm that the CUSTOMER NEEDS PLACEMENT, Party B will guide that customer to the nearest store.
- The order is automatically notified by F88 system that the application has been shipped to F88's stores in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Vinh Phuc, Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Thanh Hoa, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Deer
- The application has not been a customer of F88 or after the 90 (ninety) day period from the date the Customer has accessed the designated page of Party B and wishing to pawn or has been disbursed, the Customer continues. There is still a "successful registration form".
Conditions of reject orders
- Application of the phone number and property information field will only be recorded to F88's system (once) within 24 hours
- As the application for registration of wrong information, customers do not need to pawn, customers do not answer the phone after 3 times within 24 hours, cannot contact or reject calls
- Customers who need unsecured loans (without collaterals)
- Customers want to be served in areas where F88 does not have a branch
Rules on how to run ads
+ Do not run F88 keyword ads or fake F88 in any form
+ The content and method of advertising the campaign must not be contrary to the current law provisions
- If detecting a violation, the commission will be canceled

offer parametrs

category: Finance type: CPQL target: confirmed application
rate hold
1.51 - 6.64 45
MasOffer 1.72 - 7.59 30

type of traffic

Context ads
Banner ads
Mobile ads
Social network
Ads networks
Teaser networks
Email newsletter
Youtube channel
Branded traffic
Motivated traffic
Broker traffic
Adult traffic
Cash back traffic
Toolbar traffic

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