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MoneyCat CPL VN

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MoneyCat CPL VN

Affiliate program - MoneyCat CPL VN


MoneyCat is a large financial consulting firm specializing in online activities. Every day, with our help, customers will quickly handle urgent financial needs in just 24 hours, especially No: handing documents, queuing, calling multiple times to credit officers, Line up and call several times to the bank. Our goal: Change the nature of the consumer loan market towards greater transparency, simplicity and convenience for all customers.

Conditions accepted orders


- The user successfully submits the loan application via the registration page

- Steps: Click on the link and navigate to Money Cat's website -> Register phone number and name -> Personal information -> Address verification -> Job information and references > - Download photo of ID card with face -> OTP verification and personal information -> Submit successful loan application (CPL) -> Duplicate check -> Disbursement (Successful lending)

Conditions of reject orders

- The user did not send the loan successfully via the registration page

- Applicants must be between the ages of 23 and 59.

- Unemployed people cannot apply for a valid loan

- Applicants outside the territory of Vietnam will be denied.

- The user registers multiple times, coinciding with the information with the system

- Registered information is not valid (real ID, no fake information, no wrong information sent with registered name)

- Do not accept the applicant who was denied loan within 30 days

- If a user has registered from the One Click Money site ( before, they will be rejected.

offer parametrs

category: Finance type: CPL target: correct application
rate hold
1.54 30

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