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RoboCash CPL VN

affi-asia30-01-2020, 16:31
RoboCash CPL VN

Affiliate program - RoboCash CPL VN


Robocash provides fast online loan service fully automatic, disbursement during the day. Any day of the week, regardless of time, holidays or days off will be granted. "Robocash" is a state-of-the-art system that can automatically process 1800 customer data at the same time based on the information provided in the form.

(1) Click on the Publisher link -> (2) Register user information -> (3) Verify verification "Completed check" -> (4) Complete update of bank account - > (5) Capture ID and user ID verification -> (6) Scoring Verify Qualify Lead -> (7) SMS Confirmation -> (8) Disbursement.

Conditions accepted orders

Customers are eligible to apply for a loan when they satisfy:

-Each phone and email can only be registered once.

-Accept leads that have been borrowed with Robocash before.


-Age range: 22-60 years old.

- Salary: from 5 million VND or more with the trades not denied according to the list below

- Law enforcement members regardless of rank

-Police / military

-The work is forced


-National security

-Fire protection

-Lawyers and courts

-Religion / denomination

-Entertainment at night

-Vancers, services for unhealthy entertainment

Conditions of reject orders

-Customer has not completed all login steps.

- Customers are not eligible for loan application.

- Foreign nationality.

-The age of younger than 22 or older than 60.

- Salary less than 5 million VND.

Rules on how to run ads

- No ban on SEM

- It is strictly forbidden to spam activities on Robocash's channels, if detecting any cancellation of the arising commissions

offer parametrs

category: Finance type: CPL target: correct application
rate hold
1.06 30
LEADBIT 1.20 - 1.60 14
MasOffer 1.21 30

type of traffic

Context ads
Banner ads
Mobile ads
Social network
Ads networks
Teaser networks
Email newsletter
Youtube channel
Branded traffic
Motivated traffic
Broker traffic
Adult traffic
Cash back traffic
Toolbar traffic

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