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CashWagon mobile VN

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CashWagon mobile VN

Affiliate program - CashWagon mobile VN


Cashwagon is an online cash consultancy and solution provider. We provide consulting services to clients accessing financial resources in Vietnam. In addition, we are also present in other countries in Southeast Asia, the core product of Cashwagon is online cash solution consulting service. We are proud of our pioneering position in the market.

Cashwagon's financial services are designed and refined to meet the daily needs of Vietnamese people creatively and differently. We use state-of-the-art technology to help customers easily access loan services and complete inquiries quickly, disbursing within 24 hours.

Conditions accepted orders

- CPQL: defines Qualify Lead as "The customer successfully registers a loan after 4 steps and is shown with a smiley image on the thank you page."

- Do not accept customers living in Hai Phong and Thanh Hoa.

Conditions of reject orders

- Customers did not complete or did not register successfully after 4 steps and did not show a smiley face.

- Customers are outside the area of disbursement.

Rules on how to run ads

- Prohibit impersonating Cashwagon in any form.

- Prohibit advertising Cashwagon products at black websites or unofficial sources.

- Advertising must comply with the terms and methods of advertising in accordance with the law of Vietnam.

- It is strictly forbidden to run keyword Cashwagon ads in any form.

offer parametrs

category: Finance type: CPI target: correct application
rate hold
2.50 30

type of traffic

Context ads
Banner ads
Mobile ads
Social network
Ads networks
Teaser networks
Email newsletter
Youtube channel
Branded traffic
Motivated traffic
Broker traffic
Adult traffic
Cash back traffic
Toolbar traffic

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