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New policy of Facebook messenger

affi-asia10-03-2020, 14:46
New policy of Facebook messenger

Chat-bot in Facebook. Three significant changes have been made since March 4, 2020

Shortly after Tet, Facebook prepared another surprise game for us - a new messenger platform policy. This is the time to install the chat bot.

What's new in this update

—The "follow-up message" message in the rule, 24 + 1 will be no more.

—Subscription Messaging - currently available only for news sites registered on Facebook.

—Message Tags - reduced from 17 to 4

What does this mean for you

Change the rule "24 + 1"

—Previously, when a user first texted your business page via Messenger, you could text him with commercial content within 24 hours. If the user does not respond, then you can send him a reminder - "follow-up message".

Now you can still send commercial content to users within 24 hours after the first interaction, but follow-up messages are no longer available.

Registration message

—Newsletters are currently only available to news sites registered on Facebook. Sorry, for business sites this option is no longer available. Even if you have a news company, registration is currently only available in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian. Registration is available in Business-manager.

Message card

The number of message cards is reduced from 17 to 4.

—Confirmed Event Update: is used to notify subscribers of changes and to remind them of events they have registered, and to confirm upcoming bookings, to notify changes in the calendar. submission, etc. Prohibit sending with this card: messages sent to people who have not registered events, messages with information about past events, as well as promotional messages, including promotions, sales, discounts, coupons, etc. Prohibiting polls and requesting feedback.

—Post-Purchase Update: This card is for post-purchase non-advertising communication. To confirm purchase, delivery, and keep track of updates with delivery alerts. Additionally, pay or decline payment notifications. Prohibit sending messages with this card: resale or cross-sell mail. As well as promotional information, including promotions, sales, discounts, coupons, etc.

—Account Update: This card is designed to notify customers about account changes. Also to remind that the bill must be paid. Prohibit sending messages with this card: duplicate messages with notifications and reminders. As well as promotional information, including promotions, sales, discounts, coupons, etc. Surveys, polls, and reviews are not allowed.

—Human Agent: This card is to send non-commercial messages that you manually enter to your customers within seven days after the last message. Automatic mailing and chatbots are prohibited. Messages that are not related to the subject of the message are also prohibited. This card is still in beta. Messages without these cards will not be sent starting March 4, 2020.

What to deal with these problems?

—Please review all your automatic mailing lists. Chatbots will send commercial content to subscribers within 24 hours of their last interaction with your site in Messenger. Post the appropriate tags in messages sent after 24 hours in the newsletter. Remember that every time a user interacts with the bot, he or she will start the 24-hour rule again. You do not need to post more tags to messages that comply with the 24-hour rule.

—If your subscribers don't contact you via Messenger after 24 hours, you can send them a message using just one of the three cards. 

—If you have not found a matching tag, then you can only send messages with the help of text-based advertising in the ad manager, the purpose of the advertising campaign is "Message". Text-based advertising may contain commercial content that does not involve the 24-hour rule.

You can prompt and motivate users to continue exchanging mail after 24 hours by integrating email and SMS messages with adding a link to Messenger.

—Change your mailing list by chat-bot with creating e-mail and sending SMS

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