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4 tips for writing copyright to work with Facebook Ads

affi-asia28-02-2020, 19:32
4 tips for writing copyright to work with Facebook Ads

Despite the fact that Google has significantly expanded its targeting by audience type, Facebook is still a useful platform for analyzing certain groups of users. Proper targeting is only half the battle; the other half - is due to the fact that you, are showing the target audience.

1. Check, check and check again

In digital marketing, everything is based on your assumptions and assumptions. If you advertise on google, it means that you rely on keywords that match user needs. When you create a specific audience on Facebook, you think these users will be interested in your offer. Finally, when you create your ad text, you think it will work. But sometimes things may not go according to your plan, for example, Facebook ad text will generate too few conversions (due to your target being inaccurate) or low CR due to too many accidental clicks).

Of course, it is not possible to succeed the first time. But you can use failure as a valuable experience. Because of this, it's important to have A / B testing

A / B testing to compare the performance of two ads. You can use it when targeting or CTA, but it works best when analyzing text. When testing, think again: "Which of these two types of writing works better?".

For example. You just started working on Facebook and want to understand which style is best for your audience: business or informal. Within a week, you test a business method and in a week you write more informal texts. And if a style has a significantly higher number, then this is the answer.

2. Advertising must be organic

We might surprise someone, but people don't like advertising. Especially when they have just uploaded a few photos or checked for updates in their friends' profiles. And the Facebook algorithm takes this into account, so if the network believes your ad won't be particularly interesting to your audience, your metrics will be lower.Does this mean everything is broken? Is not! Your main task is to write text that is of interest to users. Be persistent.Don't be afraid: write ad text on Facebook so it doesn't bother users - it's easier than you think. Just think about what your target audience wants to see. Just like the text in Google Ads ads must be relevant to the appropriate stage of the customer, so on Facebook, you need to create ads that match each user's feed.

Another example. You've been advertising on Facebook for a long time, but now you've decided to expand your audience a bit. You create an audience similar to users who clicked on an ad earlier. Because new users will see you for the first time, inviting them to immediately try your product won't work. It is better for them to watch videos or blog posts.

3. Don't be afraid to write long texts

Yes, we go against the rules again. On social networks, you must also write short and thin.

Three things to keep in mind when writing your ad text on Facebook are: the content being advertised, the desired user action and the level of user familiarity with your company.

If you use Facebook Ads to advertise webinars and invite users to subscribe, it would be great to talk in detail about what they can learn. Detailed descriptions will help filter out users who will not be interested in your content.

Competent writing can help connect with people who hear about you for the first time. If you tell "an audience that doesn't know about your product" about starting a sale, then they won't be interested in optics. your fox. But you can give a detailed description of the value of your products - this method will work.

4. Imagine, who will see your ad

In recent years, Google and Microsoft have seriously enhanced their own targeting tools, but Facebook is still the most powerful segmentation tool. Despite the reduced number of settings, the network still provides advertisers with a broadly targeted repository.

For example. On Facebook, you can target people with early births. This particular approach can have beneficial effects on sales.

Even if you make a special offer for a happy birthday, that doesn't mean you have to wait for a year until next time. For example, if you advertise a concert and make a special offer to wish the user a happy birthday, in a matter of weeks, you can place an ad with the following text "It's a special day and great, but there is still a lot of good music ".

The targeting tools provided by Facebook help you create texts that meet the needs and desires of potential customers.

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