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5 ways to convince the audience

affi-asia28-02-2020, 19:28
5 ways to convince the audience

The secret is, manage your audience so the audience doesn't know that you manage them. How to do that? There are a few simple ways to help you increase your CR and, most importantly, to get users interested in specific offers.

1. Ask for benefits, don't recommend features

The main mistake of many publishers and marketers is that everyone focuses on the features of a product.

- In the landing, it said

- Natural materials

- Reliability

- Low price

- Wide scope

That page will not work. Because people buy not features, but specific benefits. In other words, users are looking for a problem solution.

anti-theft protection;

will create exclusive furniture;

Keep warm in the house. You must research your target audience, their needs and problems that can be addressed with a promoted product.

2. Speak in a simple way

For the audience to remember the words is easier and simpler. Try not to use obscure technical terms.

3. Avoid slang and cliché

As a rule, the audience does not like the familiar. At the same time, always stick to the main topics, don't talk about other topics.

How not to: «As you know, the door is necessary for every home. Every home needs it all! So please click the link! »

How to write: «Wide range, affordable price - fashionable and practical door for your home».

4. Briefly

Very often on websites and landing pages, we see a long list of advantages and features. When a user reads the list, he will completely forget why he came to the website. Try to make the section easy to remember and concise without skipping the main points.

What not to do: «Here is a list of 10 key benefits: 1, 2, 3 ... 10».

How to write: «3 main advantages: price, quality, type».

5. The benefits must not be left to the audience in doubt

No need to talk about benefits as something abstract.

Use affirmative sentences

How not: «Our doors CAN protect the house from cold».

How to write: «Our door WILL PROTECT your house from freezing cold».

These are simple methods and will increase the number of conversions and CR.

Still a lot of useful information. Follow us and don't forget to share your own ideas and advice!

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