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7 campaign strategies

affi-asia28-02-2020, 19:25
7 campaign strategies

The main objective of the strategy - to use the available resources to achieve results. And because resources are always limited, we have prepared an overview for you so that you can choose the action plan that best suits you.

1. Follow your competitors

Using spy services you can track what kind of publisher runs the campaign, see the main trends and use that same strategy. This saves you time and resources to create your own advertising campaigns.

Weaknesses of this strategy:

take action quickly: competitors also use this strategy

Quick offers lose relevance.

it is difficult to attract the attention of the user - the user has already seen the ad like that, so the possibility of creative being skipped will be high.

2. Focus on your favorite vertical

You can focus on the payout ratio or intuition when choosing offers. And you can focus on the verticals that you understand and find interesting.

If you're good at sports or technology and know your target audience, focus on that. When you have the knowledge you can pull potential buyers, CR will increase.


It depends on the subject you are proficient in and your vertical needs.

- can be seasonal

- number of small vertical offers you can work with

3. Testing flow sources

Affiliate networks generally report which traffic sources are allowed for each offer. You can focus on offers that you run well and try new things.


Bad luck. To avoid this, set aside a test budget.

Lack of knowledge. From the outset, the skill may be lacking, to manage your new traffic source. But this is not a problem: now on the Internet.- you can find tutorials and training videos on all your questions

- development time

4. Run the discount offer

People love free offers, great promotions, and discounts. Such offers may have a higher CR rate.


Limited offer.

part time. For example, the closer it is to holidays and Black fridey, the more special offers will appear in affiliate programs.

5. Diversification of risks

This may include separating different traffic sources and using different offers from different industries and device types (mobile and desktop traffic). So you're sure: if one offer doesn't work, then you have other profitable campaigns.


Difficult to control the outcome. Many choices confuse you.

Need in-depth analysis. Only by keeping track of key metrics can you manage your campaigns.

6. Mobile traffic connection

One of the trends that has persisted in recent years, - switching to content consumption from mobile devices. So you can attract a large audience.


Optimized landing for phones.

7. Start with offer with low payment

One of the strategies for beginners - starting with low paying offers. Beginners often want lots of CR and low-paying offers can give them (for example, to install apps). With this strategy, you can get lots of conversions, big data sets for analysis and optimization, and of course, experience success for the first time.


If you want to make a lot of money - this approach is not for you.

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