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Select the offer and analyze the target audience

affi-asia28-02-2020, 19:22
Select the offer and analyze the target audience

To start running a campaign, you need to choose the offer that you will work with during the launch of an ad campaign. We recommend that you select up to 3 offers and test at the same time, then you will understand what type of product and geo you can use.
Choose offer to test where? Focus on new offers and account manager help. The main thing is to always check if the offer is right for the job and whether it is on the stop-liter list.

How to work with offers?

Example offer GeoST's AMST Watch shockproof watch.
Use the table to check if the selected product is right for the job. If you doubt more than half the points, choose another offer.
Analyze the target audience of the offer
Target audience - wide.
Age: 18-65.
Gender: male (positioning goods for men).
Geo: Greece.
Social status doesn't matter, because watches are a commodity for many audiences. I will take into account potential customers who want to buy expensive and high quality goods with cheap prices.

As such, users can be divided into 3 segments

Those who expect reliability from the product
Wow - the effect of a watch is indestructible. This appeals to users, because everyone wants to buy a watch once and for all, not thinking that they might be broken.
They want fashion accessories and status
For them, more important is not the power of the watch, but the design of the watch. They pay attention to quality and style.

Custom goods

Analyze the offer and its advantages
Look for the strengths and weaknesses of the offer
Information from the board helps create
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