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Facebook groups: how to create, grow and make money

affi-asia28-02-2020, 19:20
Facebook groups: how to create, grow and make money

Facebook groups provide a lot of valuable information. For example, to learn about interesting brands, get acquainted with participants and share experiences, find work, sell used clothes or get professional help. In this article, we'll let you know everything about groups on Facebook - how to create, manage, and grow so the team is valuable to the participants.

Facebook groups are successfully used not only by online stores and the business community, but also by companies of any size that make sense to their target audience and are actively represented in This social network.

Why do we need groups?

They can be used as part of a marketing strategy. Companies can build an entire community around a brand through a group. And what could be better than gathering all the fans in one place?

You can demonstrate knowledge of the product you are selling or show loyalty and respect to your customers and gradually build subscriber loyalty. Groups will help you open up and communicate with customers

Difference of fb page and Facebook group

To promote the brand, you need both a team and a personal page.

The fb page is the point of contact for users who are at one of the sales channel stages. The FB page is necessary to run advertising campaigns, collect reviews and user-generated content, as well as publish updates in other content channels. This page is displayed in the search list of the search engine. It also contains your company's contacts and customers can write you personal messages.

For example

The Facebook group focuses on building and maintaining a community. When users leave a message on the official page, it will fall into a separate tab. When a user comments on a team page, it will fall into the feed, all users will see it and can comment on. You can invite participants to ask questions on the team page or share tips.

Figure 3

The group cannot replace the official site.

Update Facebook group

In June 2017, Facebook released several updates to make group management more convenient.

Group analysis - growth, participation, participants. Previously only available for official sites.

Filter required to join. Now you can ask all participants, for example, why would you want to join the group? You can request the user email to check for spam.The publication is pending. You can now set timers on publications, just like on the official page.

Simplify unsubscribe of participants. Similar groups may be suggested. This is especially handy if your business has several groups. For example, different languages or specific types of goods.

How to create a group?

Go to your company's official website. Open the menu in the upper right corner of the dashboard. Select create group.

Invite some potential members via Facebook or newsletter. Please fill in your contacts.

Select group type

- public groups where each participant can see the participants and admin

- Closed groups - you can find in search and view all participants

- Secret group - you can only join if invited by the participant

Facebook groups

Group settings

Now, let's move on to the group's main settings, located on the right panel, under the friends feed. From the beginning enter the first description. From there, the purpose of this group needs to be made clear.

Interested users can find groups by these keywords.

Select tag

Don't forget to enter the rule in the description for group members. Next is to post more locations of the group. If the group was created for business, post a logo on the cover.

What kind of group should choose?

For business should use closed group. To become a member, users must submit a request to the admin. Open groups are not suitable for business promotion or marketing, as bots and spammers can get in, and censorship will take a lot of time. Secret groups are suitable for internal use in small companies.

Should questionnaires be entered for new members?

It will be easier for the admin to decide whether to enable members to join the group, if the user passes a small question with additional requirements. You can ask for emails or be knowledgeable about the user's experience in any field. If the user is unable to answer a few questions, it should not be enabled. Such users are usually inactive. Questionnaires can be added in the "Participants" section. Answers to questions must be no more than 250 characters.

Create questionnaire

How do I delete or block your group member on Facebook?

Immediately block users that

- violates the rules of the group specified in the description

- spam and promote their services (if prohibited)

- offend other participants

Content in groups is a reflection of your business. To delete a participant, find him in the list. Click the settings icon opposite to his avatar. Select "Remove from Group". To block a user and no longer receive additional requests from him, enter "Block member" in the popup.

In the group menu, you can see all the users you have blocked.

Uncensored in Facebook group

You should create a group only if you have enough time to moderate it.

The most important tasks

Subscribe to published content. Delete spam and posts that violate group rules.

Add or remove members. Check content that other members flagged as suspicious. To do this, open "Settings -> Manage groups -> Messages for admin».

How do I add an admin or moderator?

What is the difference between the admin and the moderator? Moderators can approve applications to join, delete and block users, check posts and comments in groups, pin posts in headlines and check messages coming from support services.

Admin can do so. As well as adding and removing admins and moderators, changing group settings, including description, group policies, and tags.

Group management

Group analysis

Group analysis is in the left pane. Only group administrators have access to the analysis.

On the first screen of the analysis is a general summary of the group's growth, participation level and participant data. To download the analysis, click the "Download details" button. You can download 3 data groups at the same time or each group individually.


In this section, you can see how the team grows. You can also see how many requests have been accepted and how many have been rejected.

- Things need to notice

- Uniform growth of the group

- The steady growth of the group, the percentage of related and unrelated engagement requests

Are new users interested in your group?


The most important block, showing how interesting the group content is to its members. You can see: the number of reposts, active participants, comments on posts and responses of users. You can also see which days and times have been maximizing and the most popular posts with details - who published them and their engagement metrics.


Analyze and display demographic data

- year old

- sex,

- country,

- city.

Top participants in the activity are also seen. This data will allow you to deliver ads and related content within the group.

How to create a useful Facebook group? Need to provide users with benefits so clear that they will not have to receive from the official site. Emphasize this in the description. For example, you might indicate that in your group you are actively answering questions from participants. While personal advice anywhere on other sources is not free

It's also important to publish unique content, insider information, talking about the latest in your company. At the same time, it is important to emphasize the exclusivity of the information in this group.

It is important to respond to all posts and comments. Each participant wants to feel that you value him.

How to make money from a group on Facebook?

Method 1

Offer to join the group as a reward for buying merchandise. This method not only helps to sell more but also adds value to the product itself. You can also increase the value of the goods if you sell it with participation.

Method 2

Use a group to promote your product. Joining the group is not free. You can sell goods and services through groups and promote with useful content. But remember that the most important thing is not to chase money. Pay more attention to team members, their questions, their requirements and interests.

How to increase activity in groups?

The more activities in the group, the greater the value of the group to the participants.

Here's how to increase activity in your team

Use different types of content. Import more videos or photos. Invite people to leave comments about the group or product, enter more polls. Feel free to comment in the article. Ask open-ended questions. For example, ask members easily "What's in this group is missing?". Tag other members in the article. This shows that the opinions of the participants are important to you.

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