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Facebook ban what

affi-asia28-02-2020, 19:11
Facebook ban what

Account login

- Log in to your account from another browser

- Login via VPN, proxy, etc.

- The browser and computer language do not match

- Time zone does not match between your account and computer

- Mismatch of DNS server country and IP address

- Change password, mail, phone (account will check selfi)

- There are fewer restrictions on macOS than on windows

This only applies to untrusted accounts. The higher the reliability, the less likely you are to be banned.

Error during setup and startup

- launch an advertising campaign from one advertising account to different GEOs (for accounts with poor credibility)

- Bind BM to a person with a large number of bans

- For mismatch between billing country and account country

- Presence of old campaigns and poor credibility

- Use of banned domains in other ad groups

Do many similar actions when starting to run advertising campaigns Do not run 20 ads at once !!!

We recommend running the campaign from the beginning of $ 25, the second of $ 50, the third of $ 75. You can then run stronger ads.

Before you have run ads to $ 25, we recommend that you do not set offers and then run. For example, you post an article about a theme that is not relevant to your campaign.

Groups created specifically for CPA offers

in running ad groups cannot give links to CPA-offers

Posts must not violate FB rules

When the page is banned, all accounts associated with the page are banned

You cannot change the active QC group, if it is banned

Group names must be neutral (not to mention the brand).

no more than one post in the group

Life hack

You can post any video, if the first 3 seconds put a white topic. The robot only checks the video first. The main thing is not to catch a large number of video claims. If you are certain to post, then you should try to make the article as white as possible so that there is nothing to complain about. If for some reason your fb starts banning the FB page, you must understand that you will automatically be banned from all other accounts that are linked to this page. It is best to make your own site for each QC office, if banned then only one office will be banned, and not all. Want to change creativity? Get a couple and change there, then, go through censorship again and delete the original. Do not make any changes in the original version, after you have been censored.

Billing Information

The first time you start running an advertising campaign from a new office, be careful.

Previously, when creating the first campaign, fb collected $ 1 and returned it to the card. Fb is now checking user solvency for $ 100.

Remember that your card must have an exact limit, otherwise nothing will happen and fb will mark you as a fraud.


When creating ads, remember what we said about all of the above + do not put images before / after, do not specify any terms, check for text errors.

reload, if the code cannot be seen
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