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How to reduce advertising costs on Facebook part 2

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:59
How to reduce advertising costs on Facebook part 2

Speed up ad serving

With a higher bid, you can speed up your ad exposure. In this case, Facebook will distribute the budget as quickly as possible. Sometimes Facebook will pay the maximum price for you to win the auction faster.

The speed of the bet increases very important when the campaign time is very limited (for example, if you sell concert tickets) and when you can ignore the cost.

Set target bids for advertising campaigns on Facebook

Target rate is when you're willing to pay a certain amount for switching or installing apps. Thanks to this, Facebook will change your bid so you can convert people in the target price.

Best target bid for

- Ensure the highest possible number of conversions at a set price

- Keep a balance in your expenses

Please note that you can skip cheaper conversions because you have limited Facebook to the set cost. because Facebook needs to track the CR for this type of bid.

Practical examples of manual bid increases

Set benchmarks for target costs. Before you start manually checking your bids, it's best to set a cost metric for each goal. If you know that the average price of CR equals the price of $ 11, then if you know that the average price of CR equals $ 11, then you know that the average price of the CR is $ 11. find cheaper conversions with a budget like that. Conversions may be less, but they can be more efficient. Without an understanding of where to start, it will be difficult to understand what a bet is worth making. Please monitor your ad carefully. Manual campaigns may not be stable. Things can start well, but as soon as your budget runs out of bids, your campaign spending can begin to rise. If you bid too low, chances are you won't receive any benefits from the auction. Keep an eye on your ad statistics to see how your bid strategy works. The "Check" tool should be used in your ad to see how your target bid affects the ad. This will allow you to view the changes and the precision of the object you choose. Understanding how users respond to your ads can help you choose a bid strategy.

Let's start with a moderate price

Let's say your average ad price is $ 5, but you want to be more successful in a competitive business. You can set a maximum bid of $ 7.5 and see if you can attract more potential customers. You can then change bids throughout the ad campaign. Start with a small price increase until you see your ad performing better.


The betting option is only a small part of the overall advertising performance. Facebook will continue to take into account other factors in the auction. The quality of creativity, copyright, relevance and targeting is still critical to the success of the campaign.

The fact that you can offer more to win the auction does not guarantee that the advertising campaign will be successful. If you advertise with a low quality, then increasing your bid will not help.

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