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What is not used in Facebook ads

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:43
What is not used in Facebook ads

1. Link redirection

Veto on redirects is connected to the ability to replace the landing page. The bot is brought to the "white" domain and the user is included in adult, dating or another type of content prohibited by FB internal policy. To avoid blocking, some advertisers recommend using macros to collect and analyze statistics.

2. Poor creations or insults to users

Shock content can provoke negative feedback from users. If multiple users click the "Don't show this ad again" button, the ad will automatically be moderated. You have very few chances to go through manual censorship. In the best case, ads will be blocked, in the worst case, they will ban your account.

3. Misleading material

Documents known as "misleading material" are all related to lies:

statement - This cream will make you younger than 10 years old;

offers - "Buy weight loss pills and become like Heidi Klum";

how to do business - How to make money when placing bets;

accompanying material - we are promoting dietary supplements without showing a jar in the image;

Properties and / or Ingredients - A gel extracted from unicorn horn will triple breast.

The focus should not be on the beautiful body, for example, to use the before / and after comparison.

4. Promote copy of famous brands

You cannot advertise Abibis sneakers, Ipple power, Swiss watches from China. Facebook takes its reputation seriously and punishes it severely. Running ads with these products, your account will be immediately blocked.

When censoring, Facebook paid attention to:

Advertiser's current IP address;

presence of DNS protocol;

advertiser browser type;

The time and date set on the device coincides with the time and date set by the IP address;

language installed on Facebook, in the operating system and in the browser;

cache and cookies;

Advertiser account history.

Illegal products and services


Ads should not even suggest discrimination against people based on personal characteristics: race, ethnicity, color, nationality, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, identity gender, marital status, health condition, or genetic condition.

Tobacco products

Ads should not offer to buy or use tobacco products and accessories for use, including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, pipes, hookahs and smoking areas, cigarette paper, equipment vaporized nicotine and electronic cigarettes.

creative is prohibited

However, if you promote blogs or groups of people interested in tobacco, if the service does not sell tobacco or related products or anti-smoking e-books, nicotine detox counseling, program or facility to quit, then you won't have problems with censorship.

creative is not banned

Drugs and drug-related products and nutritional supplements

Ads cannot contain offers to sell or use illegal drugs or soft drugs or prescription drugs. Ads must not contain drug use devices such as bongs, cigarette papers and spraying equipment. The use of marijuana images for recreational or medical purposes is also prohibited.

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