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What not to do on Facebook: the publisher's big mistake (Part 1)

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:42
What not to do on Facebook: the publisher's big mistake (Part 1)

Advertise in Facebook - an important marketing tool, with FB you can find your target audience and offer them your products or services. Each month more than two billion users worldwide access Facebook, most advertisers choose this particular social network to promote.

If you advertise on Facebook incorrectly, there will be no profit. Marketers say what you should do, but not about your mistakes. Here are the most common mistakes:

1. Change ads too fast

Although you may need to change ads occasionally, you also need to keep your advertising campaigns running long enough for Facebook's artificial intelligence to optimize everything. In a period called online learning, Facebook shows ads to different users to learn how to achieve better results. The training phase needs at least 50 transitions, during which time your advertising campaigns may fluctuate in results.

Because it takes time during the training period to collect the data needed to increase the effectiveness of your campaign, it is extremely important not to change ad elements at the ad or campaign level. translate, like targeting or budget; If not, the training phase will continue and you will have to wait for another 50 conversions.

2. Want quick results

Many new people, when launching ads on the platform, think that displaying ads on the platform will bring immediate results. In contrast, to succeed, you need time and a lot of experimentation. In addition, there is a buyer link (channel) through which you need to push your customers to place an order and this takes time. There is also split testing to see which ad will perform well ..

In general, just persevere and carefully monitor your results, expand well-performing ads and pause inactive ones.

3. You don't know your target audience

Facebook ads give you more goals than almost any type of ad. But if you don't know who to focus on, you'll get poor results because you'll show ads to people who aren't likely to respond to your offer.

So when you run your ads, make sure to adjust your exact targeting to the right audience, including their interests, income, location, age and gender. When you know your target audience, you understand how to create creativity and strategy for your audience.

4. Skip the size of the ad

Of course you want to increase sales with Facebook ads. Two things can be done for this: target existing customers or find new customers. Using the first method is often a cheaper and easier option: customers who buy from you will trust your brand more and may buy again from you later. And you, most likely, will target regular customers indefinitely, knowing that this will work for you.

If you don't expand more, you will miss out on countless opportunities to attract new customersю. Of course, you do not need ad size every time. Just do this when the campaign is running well. Before you begin replication, check that the CR price must be lower than your target and ROAS - higher

5. Inability to replace ads

If you continually use an image, video or creative, the target audience may no longer care about your ad. As a result, the clickthrough rate drops, less users will see your ad. Even if users see your ad, they may skip or worse, hide it.

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