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Contextual advertising trends 2020

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:41
Contextual advertising trends 2020

Segment, conquer, dominate

Creating and forming a unique proposal for each target audience segment is the top priority.

Segmentation - this is a breakdown of your target audience into different groups according to the same signs. You can segment ink by a series of markers, we'll show you some of them.

Behavior of people on the site

What websites did people visit, what websites did people enter and what websites did people log out of?

What actions did they take on the site, for example, they bought or put in the basket

For example, which elements of the web site they interacted with, watched what videos or what computer they used

Segment by portrait target audience

- What does your audience care about?

- How old and what gender

- Target device what device

- What region does the target audience live in?

- What site does the target audience use?

- At what time of day, the target audience prefers to perform targeted actions

For example, you know that your site is accessed primarily from mobile devices and takes actions from 20:00 to 23:00. Please set the increase ratio factor in this period and measure the efficiency.


The contextual advertising system provides a lot of data about your advertising effectiveness. It is important to learn how to interpret this data to optimize campaigns and increase return on investment.

In 2020, special attention needs to be paid to every step of the user before implementing CR. Need to test and test hypotheses, optimize and expand effective advertising campaigns.

How many years in the market have talked about cross-analysis - it's time to put it to use, if you haven't already!

For example, you know that the usual user behavior for dating sites is - View websites from phones outside your home, return home, and get to know more website details from your home computer. Please analyze the contribution of each device and adjust the ratio based on the data collected to improve efficiency.

Make everything self-contained

We see that advertising systems have begun offering tips to improve the active ad campaigns and automated strategies getting better and better.

With the presence of thorough analysis, the automated process becomes easier to understand for the expert. Setting up triggers with control rules can extend a specialist's capabilities. Saving hours for professionals to create and create offers for the target audience

2020: what to expect?

Here are some ideas that could be implemented later this year


- Report on signal optimization algorithm. Proposing changes and improvements to the advertising campaigns

- Easier to understand price algorithm


- Ability to select attribution models in all Google Analytics reports

- Make more accurate predictions about the probability of a target action with indirect metrics (behavior and audience data)

Implementing all of these ideas by 2020 will further expand the functionality and capabilities in contextual advertising.

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