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Top-5 seo has no benefit

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:41
Top-5 seo has no benefit

Create pages with similar content

Pages with similar content are usually created for keyword targeting purposes. This is not the best and most effective strategy, because in the end, you will end up with low quality pages that can negatively affect the entire site.

Try to solve every ranking problem with the number of links

The presence of links to today is important, but they are only one of the factors for the ranking algorithm. The link is a public endorsement that reflects the fact that the website carries valuable information.

Problems with links arise if they are collected in an unnatural way, for example, using link schemes, bad directory links and other spam methods. This is a fairly positive link building method, we recommend focusing on a link strategy that leads to more users.

Lack of optimization

Do not create countless unnecessary content, just for the purpose of increasing the number of pages on the site. Google is also constantly talking about quality content, which is one of the keys to SEO success.

For example, there are quite a few assumptions regarding the correlation between title tags and rankings, but it's important that a good title can turn crawlers into visitors.

We recommend taking the time to optimize your titles with keywords. Remember to optimize your tags, optimized headlines reflect to users that your site meets their requirements.

Do not eliminate harmful technical problems

You can spend a lot of time creating high quality content and optimizing it, but all of these efforts can turn into rubbish if your site has technical issues.

Most popular:

Error 404

Broken links - if any, then for search robots, this is a signal to reduce adoption


Do not enter meta tags - it's an important tool for search robots, on which robots receive information about your site, the same meta title tags and H1 - the recommended maximum size for H1 tags is not more than 65 characters, and tag title no more than 120

Page layout

Excess script

Redirect wrong

The page loads slowly

Duplicate content

Where can I check for errors?

Netpeak Spider - the tool will allow you to find broken links, duplicate pages and text, pages with no internal links, the maximum image size meta tags title is the same as with H1.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth - free software to search for broken links

Google Page Speed Insights — a free service to test page loading speed

Skip image optimization

If you want to get the maximum profit, you must use every opportunity to display it in search results.

Google Image Search when adding images to web pages, don't forget the image file name and alt attribute.

Например: вместо имени файла изображения FRGLP.jpg For example, the image file name is FRGLP.jpg Please change it to the image description keyword: weight-loss.jpg.

And of course, don't forget to compress images when filling out. We recommend you use - a free service to compress images without losing quality.

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