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Top 10 mistakes when installing facebook ads

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:40
Top 10 mistakes when installing facebook ads

Targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram are really a very effective tool that can bring in sales for your business. Some advertisers often refuse this tool and call it ineffective.In this article, we will analyze TOP 10 publisher errors when installing facebook ads.
Use Facebook Pixel.
If you already have pixels installed on the site - then ok - все ОК. If not, it's time to do it.
Using Facebook Pixel allows you to customize additional audiences to target, collect remarketing audiences, and find additional audiences.
The Pixel is simply installed on the web - using Google Tag Manager or directly into the website code will start working within minutes.
Follow the CR on the site.
Using the same Facebook Pixel, you can track CR (conversion) on your website. In other words, you can see the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook ADS. If your ad campaign is working and you have sales — you'll immediately see which text or image ads perform better. In the same way, you will see which ads are performing poorly and have to be turned off.

Use remarketing

Not everyone will visit your website and place an order. With remarketing campaigns, you can pull visitors back and turn visitors into shoppers. According to various sources, using remarketing, you can return 50% to 80% of shoppers, which means a significant increase in sales. At the same time, conversion costs for remarketing are almost always significantly lower than in direct ad campaigns.

Launch Instagram ads without using Facebook Ads

We often find that many advertisers limit themselves to launching ads directly through Instagram. - Convenience with greater coverage. With the same goal setting through Facebook Ads, the reach will be the same.
For example, you cannot change the targeting for an active ad campaign if it is launched via Instagram. But if you run through Facebook Ads - that may change.
 Run ads for a local spot on a wide geographic.
If you have a local business, for example a coffee shop or small store, It makes more sense to run ads along the radius. That is, you can only show ads to users that are short distances from you. It is unlikely that guests will go to buy coffee from the other end of the city, but nearby users will most likely come.

Use only one type of advertising campaign

Usually advertisers only use one type of advertising campaign (most often this is an ad from the page).
In Facebook Ads, the types of ad campaigns are immediately broken down by sales channel and work well for users with different levels of interaction.

Analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

Do not run advertising campaigns just hoping someone will come. Facebook Ads This is a tool that requires adjusting and understanding the system's algorithms. Use data analysis and various reports to analyze ad performance. So you can improve your performance and streamline budget allocation.

Lots of text on images

It's been a few years since Facebook allowed more than 20% of the text on advertising images to be used, but don't take advantage of that opportunity. The more text in an image, the more your system limits its coverage. You can test images using the special Google vision test suite

Use Cross Sale for online stores

In Facebook Ads there are many opportunities for online stores .. If everyone knows Shoppable pots in Instagram with dynamic remarketing. And Cross Salethì is less used by advertisers. With this type of advertising campaign, you can show your customers other related products and increase your sales. For example, if a user buys a stroller, he will most likely need diapers, baby toys, etc.


Most Facebook Ads campaigns pay for each impression. This is a small point that many people do not notice. To display pay-per-click advertising, you need to select the appropriate type of advertising campaign (Traffic to the website) and choose pay-per-click advertising.
Conclusion: Facebook / Instagram advertising campaigns give great results when set up correctly. After that, your campaigns don't exhaust your advertising budget and bring in sales.
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