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How to avoid Facebook testing

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:39
How to avoid Facebook testing

Every publisher dreams of running a Facebook ad campaign so that any of his creations will always be censored.

The intellectual struggle between man-made and the publisher's creativity.

Therefore, we have decided to share with you our documents. Introducing you to another useful online tool will greatly assist in censoring your ads.

Google vision

Google Vision - it is an online tool, using google wallet, you can determine exactly what artificial intelligence sees on your creation.

The service carefully identifies everything in the photo, including objects, facial expressions, and body parts.

What do publisher need to do?

Sometimes Facebook prohibits an image from violating the rules, recognizing it as adult-content.To avoid this censorship, we need to create creativity so that the intellect cannot find the banned object on it, but the buyer will see that product.

How to use the service?

- Get the right pictures

- Download and enter the captcha code

- Analyze results, change images

- Repeat everything from the beginning until the service shows that the ad is appropriate for censorship

This service can be useful not only for the adult theme, but also for a completely white product, because sometimes white offers also do not pass censorship.

This usually happens if the ad uses

- Many body images - slimming pills, hair removal, etc

- Sharp objects - контрафактные игрушки, flashlight

Take a look at Google Vision's work on an innovation to lose weight.

In the first tab, the robot sees that there is a person in the picture, and what is on him. Go on.

"Tab" tab

Here we see a more detailed list of subjects: waist, abdominal cavity, torso, skin, arms, shoulders and more.

"Safe" tab

It shows you the level of risk of not being censored on Facebook with your creation.

The higher the index, the less chance of success in this job. Ads are evaluated according to the following criteria

- adult content

- misleading

- medical content

- sinister

- sexual nature

In this case, because the image of the body is too enlarged, google vision should detect in the image the content of sexual nature.

What tricks can be applied to change creativity?

You can use filters or color correction, use services that turn images into art or blur.

And if you change the image through any service to apply artistic filters, you will get the following result.

Stay with us and you will always be aware of the best opportunities to make money!

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