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Cloaking in Facebook

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:39
Cloaking in Facebook

In August 2017, FB representatives announced an intensification of the fight against concealment. Has been decided to expand its operating staff and introduce new verification systems. Rob Lithern, Facebook's product management director, said that in clauler platform is placed artificial intelligence. Indeed, in the past few months, there have been cases of blocking advertising accounts.

Guidelines for circumventing Facebook censorship

1. Select ethical content. Say no to racism, sexist, objective. Remember, the FB authorities are obsessed with tolerance issues.

2. Focus on the image. Less text - less likely to be suspected. Visual ads have a higher CTR.

3. Be kidding. Use funny images to create ads, making users smile. The trust of an advertising account can be increased by using likes and shares.

4. Be careful. Stay tuned for relevant ads and landing pages.

5. Accuracy of information Please track the accuracy of the information

Wish you have a good start! Stay tuned for updates on the blog, here you will find many useful things.

What is cloaking in the campaign?

Cloaking - cloaking

This is a technology to replace the content that is displayed when clicking on links in ads. The task of cloaking is to divide visitors into two streams: The person who runs the advertising and testing websites is shown a page that fully complies with the exchange rules. Potential customers click on the ad sent to a stronger landing. Official cloaking is prohibited. Once discovered, the account on the exchange will be blocked. But this does not stop the publisher, because many super-skilled publishers keep attracting high quality traffic and make a lot of money.

Why need cloaking

There are several important reasons to use cloaking in marketing:

Overcoming censorship in Facebook, Instagram and Adwords with promotional advertising campaigns that violate the rules of these systems; Hide tested profit packs from competitors and affiliate program employees;

Cloaking technique for publishers

Cloaking consists of three elements: a secure page - a neutral page or landing page, which adheres to the rules of the advertising platform; Money page - Landing with the actual product or redirect to the affiliate link. software for cloaking. The main problem in cloaking is the precise definition of the moderators and bots of AdWords or Facebook. Cloaking divides guests by access: User Agent or HTTP referer; ISP — name of internet service provider; IP address of visitors.

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