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Case study: running senomax breast augmentation ads on Facebook GEO Italy

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:38
Case study: running senomax breast augmentation ads on Facebook GEO Italy

Profit from Senomax

Expenditure: $ 22

Approve: clean - 94.5% / same trash - 88.6%

Running time: July 25, 19 - September 15, 1919

Lead: 1643

Cost: $ 17 543

Income: $ 36 146

Clean Profit: $ 18 603

ROI: 106%



Trial phase

Campaign structure: 3 adset, в каждом по 1 шт. разных объявлений

Бюджет на CBO (campaign optimization budget): $ 50

Purpose: CR

Duration: 3 days

Total budget: $ 150

Price for 1 lead in test: mind $ 5

For testing, it was decided to use two methods. I've tried two landing pages, but there's no big difference between them, the most important here is pre-landing. Tests take up to three days. After that, it becomes clear whether or not it will work. The main thing is to test at least two accounts.


The first approach

The first time the campaign's income was about $ 7-8, but then it was banned because the photo showed a body

Sample text in creative: + 2 sizes for 7 days, breast augmentation to 2 sizes, etc

The second approach

News approaching


When using this method has achieved good results. This campaign is more stable than the first campaign. Nearly all creative for income range of 7-8$.

Basic principles when working with creations and procs

How to add "noise", resize v. v. Not suitable for offer nutra offer. In the examples above, you can see that we changed studios, models and backgrounds. If you run ads in 5 accounts, then you need 15 advertising images (3 images in 1 account).

You must understand the basic rules of FB. Open chest images that cannot be censored facebook.

When starting a campaign you should use a program that can help you— Google vision will help you bypass facebook censorship. Detailed instructions for using that program can be found on the Internet.

Try it with procs. This campaign needs a lot of testing. Do not be creative just according to your taste. Replacing images, background colors or adding new comments can significantly affect the final price of the lead.

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