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Emotions which stimulate purchases: a principle of thinking

affi-asia28-02-2020, 18:38
Emotions which stimulate purchases: a principle of thinking

Expensive means quality

There are some people who believe that quality = value. No matter how you describe the advantages of the product, sometimes to sell it, you need to raise prices.

Experts are always right

People tend to believe unconditionally. They do not check the truth and do not seek logic in the said opinion. If an expert says so, then it's true. Only people who understand the topic will find out

Contrast principle

If a customer buys a laptop for $ 1562, then he's more likely to get the computer's accessories right away. Because the $ 1562 price is relatively high, a few dollars don't seem to be significant,

Exchange back and forth

People don't want to repay someone. If you have helped a person, then he will most likely help you next time.

Usage in sales: free sample gift giving, gift giving, providing unique conditions. Anyone who feels appropriate will not be able to refuse an offer to buy something from you.


First, you offer the buyer an expensive product, he declines. Then, you give in to him and offer to buy the petty, at a significantly lower cost. The second offer will be more suitable than the first one. Customers will buy cheaper offers. It seems like a compromise, but in the end, the customer leaves with goods that he didn't need initially.

Principle of sequence

People tend not to change their decisions. If promised, it will be done to maintain reputation in the eyes of others. For example, people who agree to deduct a certain amount of money to help children, will feel meaningful in their society. Those people will feel like a citizen who cares about society.

The power of society

According to other people's reactions, we determine what is right and wrong. People often consider their behavior to be correct if they often see others behaving in this way.

According to this principle, the watch on the site works when the website pops up and states that right now someone has purchased this product. Seeing advertising a product from different bloggers, people tend to think this is the choice of many people.

The same principle

We often trust people who are like us. Show your audience that your brand with a philosophy has a lot in common with an audience's thinking and lifestyle.

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